Frequently Asked Questions
How do I decide which type of notarial act or service I need?

- Most documents that need to be notarized, will have a specific, pre-printed space on the document for a notary public to fill and stamp. However, in some cases, such as with school records, bill of sale with a used car and/or corporate agreements, there may not be a pre-printed space for a notary to fill in. Please contact an attorney and/or legal advice website as this is considered legal advice and I am unable to provide and/or give advice as to which notarial certificate would be most appropriate for you.

Can I / we come to you?

We do not have a physical office location at this time. We establish a meeting location that is most convenient for you. We will meet you at the agreed upon location at the time and date established during the appointment confirmation.

What do I need to get a notarization completed?

- You will need the following items;

1.) A current state ID or driver’s license (CANNOT BE EXPIRED), US Government issued ID or Passport

2.) The document that needs notarization (print services provided for an extra charge)

3.) Any necessary witness(es) (as an impartial party, I can serve as 1 witness)

4.) The physical presence of the signer, in sound mind and not being forced in any way to sign the document

5.) The signer must be aware of what type of document and signing (not to explain to me just to know what’s going on)

6.) Agreed notary fees

What if I need a notarization for an ill family member in the hospital or nursing home?

- We are happy to meet you at a hospital and/or nursing facility within our travel area. Our staff is fully vaccinated and follows all CDC-mandated safety requirements. We will follow all precautions and safety protocols required by the hospital and/or nursing facility. We wear face masks and any other required PPE. We will do our best to coordinate with the hospital and/or nursing facility at a time best for the care of the patient that is to sign. Please note that the patient will be required to have a current, valid ID and be of sound mind to sign and be aware of the document(s) being signed.

Why do you charge a travel fee on top of the notary service fee?

Much like food delivery or another concierge service, there will be some type of service charge, maintenance fee, and expected tip included in these services. This rule of thumb can also be applied to mobile notary services. We come to your home, office, or another place of convenience to you, there is no wait, we offer services on nights and weekends, your service is completed quickly and your notarization is guaranteed at the time of your choosing. Once you schedule the time, date, and location the appointment is set as soon as your payment is sent. If there is a financial and/or time penalty attached to not getting the documents(s) signed on time, many customers are happy to secure peace of mind in knowing this will not be the case for them.

I don’t feel comfortable meeting at my home.

- No problem! We completely understand and we are happy to meet you at any of the following locations that are convenient to you;

1. Library

2. Coffee Shop

3. Restaurant

4. Gas Station

5. Retail Store (parking lot)

6. Hotel Lobby / Hotel Business Center (we cannot meet in a guest room / suite)

7. Hospital / Nursing Home (as safety protocols allow) / Rehab / Hospice

8. Office

9. Leasing Office

10. Construction Office / Mobile Office

11. Law Office / Bank / Post Office

12. Auto Dealership

13. Dallas Auto Impound (service charge applies)

14. Fort Worth Auto Impound (service charge applies)

15. DFW Airport (service charge applies)

What happens in the event of a mistake?

All Texas notaries public are required to be bonded for the protection of the public. Should a minor error and/or issue occur on the part of Sweed Notary Services, we will correct the error and/or issue free of charge.

What payment forms do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment types;

- PayPal

- Venmo

- Zelle

- Cash

Appointment / Scheduling / Payment Terms
  • Appointments are made in a minimum of four (4) hours advanced notice on the same day. Emergency and/or after hour appointments may be scheduled if we are able to accommodate the time and date request.

  • We are unable to provide a refund of fees if you do not provide needed documents for notarization and/or proper identification. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions about acceptable forms of identification for notarization purposes in Texas.

  • No cancellations one (1) hour prior to appointment time

  • Invoices must be paid on delivery before notarization appointment can be booked and confirmed. If paying with cash, cash payment must be presented before notarial act(s) can begin.

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