Our Suggestions for a Smooth Notarization Experience

Our Suggestions for a Smooth Notarization Experience

Our Suggestions for a Smooth Notarization Experience

Like many things in life, being prepared for your notarization will save you time and money. Whether you hire a mobile notary or go to a shipping store or bank to obtain a notarization, being prepared in advance can help ensure your notarization goes smoothly.

The most important factor is ensuring the type of identification you use has your picture and signature. The main purpose of a notarization is to verify the signer's identity, so having valid identification is critical for a successful notarization. Laws and rules vary from state to state, but generally, having a valid, non-expired driver's license or state identification card will best serve you in these instances. While some states allow a grace period for expired driver's licenses or state I.D. cards, others do not (i.e., Texas). These identification parameters also apply to any witnesses that may need to be recorded on the document(s). In addition, no matter what type of notary you choose, ensure you have your document(s) printed and with you at the time of signing. If you need assistance obtaining a hard copy of your documents, ask your notary if they provide print services. To save time, ask this question during your initial inquiry.

If you decide to go with a mobile notary in your area, make sure you know what types of payments are accepted. In most instances, fees must be paid before the mobile notary public travels to meet at your agreed-upon location. If paying with cash, you will need to present the cash payment to your notary public before the transaction begins. Unfortunately, showing up to a mobile notary public appointment without proper I.D. or the document that needs notarization can often result in a forfeit of notary or travel fees by the signer. Make sure the mobile notary public you work with can notarize your document with your current identification.

Using a bank or shipping store to obtain a notarization will also require research. It is always a good idea to call the shipping store or bank you plan to visit and ask if they have a notary on staff and present and if they can notarize your specific document. (As a heads up, banks and shipping stores have limitations on the types of documents they are allowed to notarize). Make sure to inquire about the expected fees (if any) and the acceptable payment forms. Doing this bit of legwork at the beginning of your notary journey will help save you much time, energy, and stress.

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