Getting the most bang for your notary buck

Getting the most bang for your notary buck

Getting the most bang for your notary buck

Having a document notarized these days can be a very involved process. Just finding a qualified and knowledgeable notary public in your area can be more than just a simple search engine search. Below are a few suggestions we recommend for anyone looking for a notary public in their area.

1.) Look beyond the search engine ads – the biggest marketing dollar gets the most attention, period. The biggest marketer may or may not fit your specific needs or price point. Those top-of-the-page results may be for a mobile notary public that is 15 or more miles away, while a competent notary public could be just a few blocks from your home. The further the mobile notary has to travel, the larger the travel fee charged to you, leading to our next suggestion:

2.) Go to pages 2 and 3 of the search results – we know this sounds a little "stalkerish," but trust us, it works. You may never know that the kind lady across the street or even your next-door neighbor is a notary public if you don't venture out into the "unknown." This also allows you to hone in on your specific needs. We mention a few in our next suggestion:

3.) Do a little comparison shopping – sometimes mobile notaries have their prices and fees listed on their website, so you know what you'll be charged before making a call or sending an email. Mobile notaries meet you at your most convenient location at your most convenient time, which could be at your office during your lunch break, in the coffee shop parking lot before driving to work, or even before going to see a movie or get dinner. Make sure the mobile notary's normal business and travel hours fit your schedule, whether that be earlier mornings, later in the evenings, or weekends.

4.) Make sure you understand the document you are signing and what is required of you. You should be able to answer the following four questions with ease before moving forward with booking a mobile notary appointment:

a.) Do you have a valid driver's license or state-issued ID?

b.) Is there an area on your form(s) where a notary public needs to stamp and sign? Does the form require you to have any witnesses sign?

c.) What are the next steps for you to take after you have the form notarized? You want to make sure you understand all the implications of signing the document and the process to enforce it. In most instances, a notary public verifies the signature and identity of the signer. They cannot give legal advice and/or review documents for legal accuracy.

5.) Ask for recommendations on your social media pages - many times, you can discover a notary public or, at the very least, someone who knows a well-versed notary public in your area of service that can help you. If you happen to find yourself without any recommendations, you can also search for a notary public in your area. This can give you more insight into how the notary operates their business and if they would be a good fit for your notary needs.

While it is true that hiring a mobile notary will cost more than hoping to find a notary on staff at your local bank or shipping store, it's also important to remember that those costs can be minimal. Sweed Notary Services provides the added value of keeping your documents confidential, making sure your documents are correctly notarized according to Texas notary laws, and providing prompt and attentive services.

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