I just needed a document notarized…

I just needed a document notarized…

I just needed a document notarized…

A thing that causes me great frustration is drastic changes in services from long-time providers. For instance, I needed documents notarized for a business manner. Getting to the paperwork stage was headache enough, but finding a notary public in my area was a nightmare task. I started with the usual suspects and headed to my local credit union. After all, this service is advertised as a member benefit, so patronizing them was a relatively easy decision. 

I got to the credit union, and there was an unusually long line. Once I finally reached the counter, the teller informed me they did not have a notary public on staff that day. After a very hard and internal eye roll, I moved on to a shipping store. Once again, there was a line, and after reaching the counter, I was told there was no notary on staff. If I only had the one responsibility in life to obtain this notarization, then sure, I would have probably tried a few more places, but my time, like yours, is valuable. I didn't have much time to chase down a notary public, but I still needed my document notarized in a short timeframe. 

The next day, Google helped me find a notary public near my home. I reached out to the notary via their email within their website, and

she emailed me back literally three minutes later. She informed me that she was available the same day to meet me at a coffee shop close to home. What a (tasty) relief! I could take care of business and give myself a much-deserved treat at the same time. We exchanged the details needed to get a price quote (type of document, ID type, pages, and type of service needed). Given the added tasks, hassle, and stress from the previous day, I felt the price, $31, was well worth the investment to ensure the notary public properly handled everything.

Sweed Notary Services offers the same peace of mind and ease to you and your business. We offer competitive pricing, same-day appointments, and several convenient meeting locations. We're even happy to meet you at your favorite spot so that you, too, can reward yourself with a well-deserved treat.

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